Friday, August 21, 2015

Multicultural Psychology

Psychology Wants to be More Multicultural 

By Renack

     I think it is a good idea that a change is happening in the field of psychology such that people who work in that field have to be more multi-culturally competent by taking a course on multiculturalism. I think this is happening because the demographics of certain places in the US are having increasing populations of minorities. This is a good idea for many reasons. One reason why this is good idea is because there are more and more minorities in many US locations. Some examples are that 70% of the District of Columbia is Black.

      Another is that nearly 37% of San Francisco is Asian. If something happens the people at these places need a place to go where the people who work there are multiculturally competent. Another reason why this is a good idea is because a lot of minority groups don't have good access to healthcare. I believe this is because a lot of these minorities are probably immigrants who don't have enough money in the first place to get healthcare or are not citizens so cannot get healthcare. I am pretty sure this is the care because most of these immigrants come from poorer countries so are probably not very rich so afford healthcare.

      Also it is a good idea for people in the psychology field to be multiculturally competent because a lot of the people who work in the field can have biases and bigoted thoughts to minorities. Being multiculturally competent will take care of this situation. For example if a person in the field was initially a bigoted person, after becoming multiculturally competent, they will get used to other cultures and even though they might still be kind of biased, they would be able to contain it enough to help the person.

Research Plan 

      My report has a lot of my ideas and opinions on why multicultural competence is a good thing. I might need to do some more research so I can learn more about the multicultural aspects of the US. Some stuff I might look into are population statistics for these different minority groups or their social and economic statuses. I might also want to do research so I can learn why multiculturalism is a good idea.